don’t have the words

What to do when you don’t have the words

Try this Tuesday tip

Morning. It's Gillian from Jilly Mac.  So, as it's Tuesday, I wanted to share a tip with you.

And this is really, really useful for those of you that create videos. And some of us create videos and we don't always have a script. We don't always have the words to go with it. But afterward, we really could use for the work the words so we could use them for many different purposes.

Create Transcript easily from audio and video

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Just a few reasons why we benefit from having the video wording:

  • to create content creation for social media,
  • to add it to a website page to help with SEO and Google
  • to support those that prefer to read rather than listen to our content

So how do we achieve this, there's a really clever little app. It's an app called otter.


And this app is very clever because you can literally play your video, switch otter to go and it will turn that video audio that it's listening to from that video that you're playing into transcript words. And you can also train it to your voice as well. So you can literally go into the settings if you know if you've got a few more minutes to actually read out a couple of sentences they ask you to so that it can populate it so that it recognises the way you pronounce words really clearly and get it accurately created first time, which is what you want really isn't rather than going through and making a few adjustments.

So if you do find yourself with video where you haven't got the words to go with that, and you'd like to use those words, either for content creation or adding to your website. A great way to do that is try out the app called otter.

So that's just a Tuesday tip from me. I hope that you found that helpful.

Please share your thoughts in the comments if you use that too. If you've got a better way. As Technology is always changing. There are always new things coming out to be aware of.

I hope you got great value from this Tuesday Tip.   Please contact us to discuss your need and see if we are are a good fit for you too.


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What to do when you don’t have the words
Article Name
What to do when you don’t have the words
Tuesday tip with Jilly Mac Consulting - What to do when you don’t have the words. A handy tip to help you with your blog writing and content creation.
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