three things to consider before using website animations

Ensuring your website sets you apart from your competitors is important. Using website animations can seem an appealing choice.  When used well it can add a special something and appear high tech and cutting edge. It is an opportunity to convey more than simple text or imagery can.

Firstly what are they, website animations can range from simple text fading in or more elaborate moving graphics.

But before you jump in and use animations consider these three reasons first to see if you should think twice about using Website animations.


When a page whizzes to the next part of the animation before you even read the words, it can leave a viewer feeling rushed and the website loses the opportunity of clear communication. Consider the reaction you want an animation to have. If you're going for modern and professional, perhaps, subtle transitions might be better suited for your website, animations, popping up images at speed can grab your attention, but they lack professionalism

Too fast can mean

your viewer misses

your real message


When your site information appears very very slowly, your viewer may lose interest and leave. The expectation of available information that can be seen on demand is what viewers expect. So to be kept waiting with slow animations is a deal breaker.

Another way slow website animations can cause a negative effect is that the responsiveness can suffer too with. How the animation views on pc won't be the same on your mobile or tablet. Whilst you can create adjustments if you have the right plug-ins it can be time consuming and take advanced skills.

Viewer find it difficult to be kept waiting

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If you use an animation, check, check, check, and check again. You need to sure how well it views, not just on PC, but also on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, as these are prominently used these days.  Often, even when it be is well on one device for example on the PC.  It appears poorly on other devices, such as tablet and mobile where it can appear oversized or off centre and just plain wrong.


With transition animations a little goes a long way to give wow factor.  Too much can look very clumsy if you pepper your page with animations, it can give a series of drawbacks. On a website analysis I did recently I found this to true. As I scrolled down the page before I had read the wording or selected anything the transitions were jumping into action. This was a well designed site but sadly was let down by the website animation. What was already a beautiful site was overshadowed by a large quantity of elaborate and erratic animations.




To conclude, there are many challenges to overcome. When using Website animations, but please don't discount using them completely. If you do choose to include animations on your site. Take care, to make the balance of form and function really work for you and your customers. And don't be afraid of asking people to test and give their opinion of how your website appears to them. There's nothing worse than thinking, it looks beautiful and high tech, and then finding out, people are finding it very clumsy and not user friendly. Enjoy animating your website today.



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