One invaluable tool for your business - Lead Magnets

What is a lead magnet?

If you are wondering what a lead magnet is what this means it simply it is providing an item of value to your potential clients typically for FREE and this is to support engagement with your ideal client and also purchases for example.

What form do lead magnets come in?

They can be anything from a free live class to a free pdf guide.  You could even share an audio as a lead magnet.  Lots of great options are formats.

Making the most out of your lead magnet

Don’t forget these critical aspects when you create your lead magnet


Firstly it truly helps must be something that helps your ideal client.  So this could be a mini version of a paid service you provide, tips on a topic you have knowledge on and so on.

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Secondly it must be perceived to be great value. Take care to explain well what it is and how it helps them.

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Thirdly it must be easy to get hold of. The more complicated it is to get the less likely your ideal client is to take action.

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Fourth get something in return. I am not talking anything big but an email address with an agreement to receive your newsletter is a great way to support connection and engagement….PLUS you can also share a higher value paid option too

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I hope you've enjoyed that and if you'd like to hear more detail about one of these topics, or a different topic, do let me know. And it'd be great to hear your thoughts and your views. Take care and do get in touch to have a chat and get to know more about what we do and we'd love to hear more about what you do. Please contact us to discuss your needs and see if we are are a good fit for you too.


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One invaluable tool for your business - Lead Magnets
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One invaluable tool for your business - Lead Magnets
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