I can't even begin to count the number of times I hear of the difficult time a business owner has had getting their website complete and launched.  And thats just not how it should be.

At Jilly Mac we strive to make your web design experience an enjoyable and pain free experience.

A website design can have the same design outcome but the process effects your experience and your experience matters.

Let's delve into what is needed to ensure achieving your website is a pleasure.

The five ingredients you need for a successful experience

  • Have a plan

  • Crystal clear communication

  • Test, test and test again

  • Don’t be missing in action

  • Don’t get lost for words


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The saying “not having a plan is planning to fail” is a great saying in relation to websites.  When your designer looks at the estimated time needed and pairs that with their availability you the client get a clear picture of what can be achieved and when.  Being able to have a promised date is reassuring and helps you work with this date, informing  events and even publicising the launch of your new website.

Seeing the plan of when your site will achieve design milestones supports working hand in hand as client and designer.  When you know you will be seeing your website for review and feedback you don’t feel as rushed as when its unexpected and you can allow the needed to help the process too.  After all who likes an extra task given without notice.

not having a plan is planning to fail


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If we consider how easily one person gets one impression and another a different impression all from the same shared experience.  Crystal clear communication is important to help you achieve your perfect website.  It all starts from good practice of listening, recording and confirming.  When you explain your needs and wants this is valuable information. So to ensure clarity and understanding this would be reiterated in written form for confirmation.  It’s a great way for you to see that you have given the key information and your designer is on the same page.  Furthermore any additions or missing information can be picked up.

As your website project progresses changes and actions discussed in person you will also receive in email to help keep both you and designer on track.

One thing I love to share with clients is that when we are looking at design styles their honest opinion is what I want.  Never feel worried to say whether you love, hate or are on the fence just say it how it is after all we are building your site to your preferences.

It all starts from good practice of listening, recording and confirming


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This stage needs a little time and can’t be rushed.  It may sound like a lot of time is allowed for this but its worth it.  With the most popular way to view a website being on a mobile device your site needs to view well on all devices.  Simply PC, mobile and tablet view are spoken of but there are many more variables dues to slight differences across mobile sizes and tablet brands.

Some sites are simpler and others more complex.  One area of your site may read beautifully across all devices whereas others need their settings adjusted for each device type.  Another clever way your site can be enhanced responsively is that a different section can be shown dependant on device.  For example on mobile you may have a graphic that views better portrait and on pc the landscape version.

With the most popular way to view a website being on a mobile device your site needs to view well on all devices



If client or designer vanishes mid project everything grinds to a halt and it can be frustrating.  Whilst there are sometime very valid reasons for lack of availability this one is best avoided on both sides.

One client told me of a past experience where she had no response for several months from her designer and was left wondering if her website would be ready at all.  A simple apology and setting a new deadline could have avoided the damage that not being available caused.  After all you the client want a great experience, to  give a glowing review and to refer to colleague a and friends.

From the designer side I once had a client whose website was complete all but for one thing her calendar.  Now given that the whole purpose of the site was to take bookings this was a crucial part of her site.  The addition of her Calendly calendar involved adding a few lines of code which was not a big task however weeks later and still no code.  Even months later I had no reply to my messages.

Both you and your designer have the same aim your website looking gorgeous and achieving everything that it was desired to do – but in some unprecedented cases missing in action happens.

Both you and your designer have the same aim your website looking gorgeous


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If your busy and will struggle to provide the information for your site just say.  An honest and frank conversation is valuable and helps understand each persons limitation and pave a way forward.

One client was having difficultly putting pen to paper for his about section of his site.  When he did send through his wording it was only a few sentences.  You may read this and think did this cause a big delay and the answer would be no.  With our meetings I had gotten a good understanding of his training and his values as well as what his clients appreciated, so I simply added to his about section.  Then I sent it back to him for his thought.  As expected he was really pleased and saved him a rewrite.

Not everyone can write in a positive way that helps their business shine.  Hell if we could we would all be copywriters and that's a skill in its own right.  So lets not be too hard on ourselves and even if we are lost for words website wise aim to find words to explain you need a little extra support and we will help.

An honest and frank conversation is valuable and helps understand challenges and pave a way forward

Now you know some of the key ingredients for a great experience.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and to see if we are are a good fit for you too.




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