The 3 things to avoid
in your marketing emails

Seriously they said what !

Opening my email this morning gave me a shock and also reminded me of the many bug bears of email marketing - some of them very icky.

The Bug bears

1. When you didn't sign up

Being added to a mailing list you did not ask to be added to. This happened to me when I joined a group and a few of the members just popped my email into their mail list without permission.

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2. Quantity over quality

Its expected to get some emails when you get a free download or lead magnet. However, its meant to be relevant and of value when you email right? too much or bad or just plain wrong emails really turn off your audience and they disengage.

Here are a few in my inbox that certainly did not inspire me to open the email and read more.
"turn poo into gold - today I have a few cool things to sh"
"Gillian did you ask about this?"
"You up? - I'm p late tonight and can't sleep"
"I broke my butt (pic inside this e - I saw this going differently in my"

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3.The not subscribed but still subscribed

When you click to unsubscribe but the emails just keep on coming.



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Gillian MacParkin

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The 3 Things To Avoid In Your Marketing Emails
Article Name
The 3 Things To Avoid In Your Marketing Emails
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