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9 TIPS for Great Website Copy

For today's article, we're going to delve into the 9 tips for great website copy.

Not every website owner employs a copywriter to write for them, if this includes you this article may help you.  We discuss 9 key things to include for great copy.


Avoid jargon

It can be easy to speak using jargon such as acronyms and phrases when you are a professional in your field but unless your audience are also professionals in your field it is best avoided.  We do not wish to confuse our audience, be misunderstood or only partly understood. 

Clarity is key, consider that you are your ideal client and read your copy - is it jargon free?

Clarity is key - keep your writing jargon free


Focus on the user

When we pause and write with our ideal reader in mind it will be more aligned to their needs and what interests them. 

Consider for a moment these two different readers and how you may use your words for them:

  1. a retired lady, well mannered and attends church regularly
  2. a teen, sport loving and wears skater clothing

When writing for person a. we might write more formally where as for person b. we may write a more casual tone.

Speak your ideal clients language


Use conversational tone

You know when you read copy and it just feels like you are getting to know the author, their way of writing helps you feel the friendliness and authentic tone.  Now this is a skill that takes time but one to have in mind to up level your website copy. 

Friendly copy can help your audience get to know you


Keep your copy concise

Getting to the point quickly and clearly will help you to retaining your readers focus.  The last thing you want is for them to leave your website.  When you keep their focus you gain the opportunity for them to understand your offer and decide if it’s a good fit.

Short and sweet is better than long sentences


Easy to Scan

Ideally your ideal client would patiently read every word on your website but it is just not that way very often.  With such a fast paced world of information we are all bombarded with information constantly with many hopping up and down for our attention wanting us to engage and invest in what they have to offer. 

Your website copy needs white space or whichever colour your prefer within reason.  When your ideal client scans down your website copy they are looking for key parts to pop out and appeal to them. You can space out your copy by grouping it, using bullet points and a variety of fonts and sizes.

Spacing out your content making it easier to scan


Include keywords

Keywords are words that you choose to include in your copy that support your content and what your ideal clients are searching for.  An example of this could be a plumber in Solihull and he uses keywords related to his main services and the geographic areas he serves. 

There are many great resources available to help with keyword research why not check out google keyword planner click here.

Search engines reward good keyword use


Use visuals

Adding a little variety helps your reader stay engaged and interested.  Consider when you view a website and how breaking up the text with an image here and there really does make it nicer to view.

Give your audience variety


Keep it up-to-date

Checking over your website helps to ensure that your audience sees current and relevant information.  An example of keeping your website up to date is a programme you used to offer and now don’t – in this instance your would remove this information.  If your audience were to view out dated information on your website then they may see you as the less professional choice.

Why not diary in checking your copy periodically (duration to suit your business need) of your website to ensure it is current.

Be seen as up To date and current



Now this one I personally call the treble check simple because I have a habit of proof checking things 3 times for my clients, but if this articles instance I am only planning to check once as I am keen to share with you all.

So proof reading is simple what you expect that is checking over your wording to find errors and correct them. Not everyone enjoys this task so if you can delegate great ask a friend, family or even your virtual assistant to help.  A fresh pair of eyes can often spot things easily missed by the author.

Be accurate and clear in your copy

We can't wait to see what you share next using our website copy tips.  Even if you just start by adding one or two it will enhance your copy and the value you offer.

Here's hoping you've enjoyed todays tip on how to create great website copy. If you'd like more tips that will give you great value on how to enhance your website today download our guide now.

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9 tips for great website copy
Article Name
9 tips for great website copy
For today's article, we're going to delve into the 9 tips for great website copy

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