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Before we look at the reasons why lets talk about what a retainer actually is.

A retainer is an arrangement where a set number of hours per month are bought upfront.  Rather than ad hoc which is pay as you go a retainer is paid for at the start of the month and runs for an agreed duration.

So lets look at the key benefits and why it’s a great option to consider.

Tip 1

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A designer that knows how you work and your approach saves you time in comparison to a person starting cold on your project.

When the designer knows your preferences from how you like to receive work even to communication preferences you can save time on the onboarding and get right to the important tasks.

I had better explain from the beginning Vs AS WE DID ON THE LAST PIECE OF WORK

Tip 2

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Each company has its unique brand they wish to be know for. Whilst you can used a variety of designers on and off to complete your projects you would fail to get the same design language across the work.  However a designer that is familiar with your brand will consistency produce work inline with the look and quality desired.

I wish they just knew how I liked things done vs I KNOW & TRUST IT WILL BE INLINE WITH PREVIOUS WORK

Tip 3

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Knowing your work is top of the list is a great feeling.  Its one less thing to manage in your busy schedule.  However this is not guaranteed if you pay by the hour, the designer may be booked up and unable to fit you in.

When you have a retainer you know you have an assured amount of time available for your work to be top priority.

Do you have any availability this month vs YOU ARE A PRIORITY, WHICH PROJECT SHALL WE START WITH

Tip 4

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Hiring an in house designer is perfect if you have work for them all year round.  But for many companies full time is too many hours and this can be a costly option.  By having a designer on retain the client can get the best of both worlds a reduced cost paired with a designer prioritising and progressing their work.

We don’t have enough work to justified a fulltime employee VS Its reassuring to adapt our designers retainer to suit our needs

We don’t have enough work to justified a fulltime employee vs ITS REASSURING TO HAVE A DESIGNER ON RETAINER FOR JUST THE HOURS WE NEED

Tip 5

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When you know your outgoings its reassuring.  In contrast when you have many ad hoc pieces of work it can be hard to keep track of the few hours here and a few hours there and before you know it you receive a larger than expected invoice.

With a retainer you know your outgoing and can see how the time is spent too.

How much will the invoice be? vs I KNOW MY RETAINER COST THIS MONTH

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